Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Where to spend your marketing money

Wondering where to drop that marketing dough that’s burning a hole in your pocket? Here’s a list of marketing activities that small businesses see as being the bee’s knees:
  • Community relations 55%
  • Website 47%
  • PR/Media coverage 31%
  • Direct mail 26%
  • Yellow pages 23%
  • E-mail marketing 21%
  • Newspaper ads 21%
  • Search engine keywords 18%
  • Telephone marketing 10%
  • Outdoor advertising 10%
  • Print coupons 6%
  • Magazine advertising 6%
  • Radio advertising 6%
  • Web banner advertising 5%
Source: Entrepreneur Magazine, August, 2005 / Interland

From this research, it appears that developing a program centered around community and public relations, reinforced with a solid website, is just the ticket.

So, get yourself a site, if you don’t already have one. Build it so it’s informative and useful to your audience. Consider adding some helpful tips, how-tos, articles, white papers and such. Think about what kind of information would be of aid to your audience. Put them first and the rest will follow.

Next, get involved in your community. Join a group or two that does good things for your hamlet or metropolis. Getting active in organizations helps to get you on the radar screen and you’ll have those nice warm fuzzy feelings from being such a nice person. Also, you might consider donating some time to a worthy cause that’s close to your heart.

Plus, joining a group or two or doing a pro bono gig can give you some ammo for your public relations efforts. For instance, if you chair a committee, write a press release about it. Maybe you did a nifty poster or other piece for a nonprofit. Fire up your word processor du jour and get the news out.

Weighing in at 26%, direct mail’s another good tactic to round out your marketing efforts. Consider creating a postcard, letter of introduction or other mailer as one more touch point. If you choose to do a mailing, don’t forget to follow up by phone. That’s important. You might have a great mailer, but without a follow up strategy, you won’t pull as much as you could. Folks get busy and forget about you and your meritorious mail. What works for me is mailing in small groups - 20 - 25 or so - and then making calls a few days after I’ve mailed. It doesn’t take too much time and it’s manageable. The following week, I repeat the process.
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Thanks for the breakdown of marketing budget. This is useful, especially for those who have no idea on what to prioritize first.


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